There’s two types of contraceptive injection for sale in the UK, one that’s offered every 12 months and something that is offered every 2 months.

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Contraceptive Injection

What will it be?

Both are as effectual as the Pill in preventing maternity (99%) but have the added benefit it every day that you don’t have to remember to take. Both injections work by releasing the hormone progestin steadily to your system, which thickens the mucus in your cervix and thins the liner of one’s womb, which makes it hard for semen to attain the egg and for an egg that is fertilised implant.

Just how do we get it?

The injection can be got by you from your own GP or from some GUM clinics. The injection is offered intoyour muscle tissue – frequently one of the buttocks – and takes a few moments.

Just how do it is used by me?

What you need to keep in mind may be the date of the next visit. You have to keep in mind that the injection will not protect you from STIs, so that you’ll nevertheless have to make use of condoms or femidoms if you are working.

Do you know the benefits?

The injection is simple to obtain, quite effective at preventing maternity and fool-proof.

Will there be a problem?

Lots of women have extreme alterations in their durations – they are able to become heavier or lighter, but could additionally become irregular or stop completely. If you should be considering having a child sooner or later as time goes on, you ought to know so it can occupy to per year (and sometimes longer) for the fertility to return to normal. Opposite side results consist of headaches, weight gain, depression, sickness and sore breasts, however these frequently pass following the first month or two. There was a match up between long-lasting utilization of the contraceptive injection and a decrease in bone relative density, even though it continues to be ambiguous whether that is reversed as soon as you stop obtaining the injection. Pfizer (the medication business that produce Depo-Provera, probably the most typical injection) together with US FDA advise that the injection is certainly not employed for significantly more than 2 yrs constantly. You should tell your doctor if you have a history of osteoporosis or other bone density problems in your family. It’s also advisable to understand that like the tablet it will not protect you against STIs – you will nevertheless want to utilize condoms or femidoms as long as you’re working.

Can I prefer it after and during maternity?

You cannot obtain the injection while you are expecting, you could obtain it 6 days after having a baby – in the event that you obtain it earlier than this, you might get bleeding dilemmas. The injection that is contraceptive safe to utilize while nursing.

Contraception patch

What could it be?

The contraceptive spot is a 5x5cm area that sticks to your skin layer and releases hormones into the human anatomy that stop your ovaries from releasing an egg, make it harder for semen to have throughout your cervix and thin the liner of the womb in order that a fertilised egg can not implant. The hormones it releases together with results they will have are identical as those within the combined pill. If utilized precisely, the spot is a lot more than 99per cent with the capacity of preventing maternity.

Just how can it is got by me?

The area can be acquired from your own GP and most clinics that are GUM. You need to do a quick evaluation with a medical practitioner to ensure that you may use the spot – there are some health problems that will ensure it is unsafe to work with the area.

How can i personally use it?

The area is stuck on to a clear, dry, hairless section of the human body, such as for example your belly, buttocks, the surface of one’s top supply or your upper body (but never ever on your own breasts). You ought to be sure that the area you stick it on isn’t likely to be rubbed by tight clothing, and you ought to never place it onto epidermis this is certainly irritated or cut. The spot is changed for a unique one every week for 3 months, then you have actually a ‘patch-free’ week, during that you may have a period of time (however some females do not). You ought to replace the place associated with spot each week.

Exactly what are the benefits?

The spot is not difficult to utilize and effective. You should not make sure to have a supplement every time, you do need certainly to don’t forget to change it out weekly. Unlike the product, no matter if you will get sick and now have diarrhea or vomiting, because it’s absorbed through your skin, perhaps perhaps perhaps not the belly. It may additionally create your durations lighter much less painful.

Can there be a down side to this?

The spot does not protect you from STIs, and that means you shall nevertheless need certainly to utilize condoms or femidoms. Some ladies get irritated epidermis through the area. Other (mild) part results range from headaches, sickness, tender breasts, mood modifications, and small weight modifications, however these often relax after a couple of months.

Can it is used by me after and during maternity?

You cannot utilize the spot if you’re expecting or nursing, you could start when you stop nursing. If you have had an abortion or miscarriage and had been expecting at under 24 months, you could start with the spot straight away.

Dental dams

What could it be?

Dental dams are little slim squares which are utilized for doing sex that is oral ladies (cunnilingus) and rimming (anilingus). They’ve been called dams that are dental their day task is in dental practitioner surgeries. They truly are available built in as well as in a variety of flavours, you can also make your very very very own.

How can I get one?

Dental dams are offered by some pharmacies, LGBT organisations and condom that is online. A gum that are few may supply them – however if that is anything you’re choosing, call them very first to make sure.

You can make your own by cutting a condom or femidom in half, cutting up a latex glove, or using non-microwaveable cling film if you don’t have any dams. You really must be certain to utilize just non-microwaveable cling film, whilst the microwaveable sort is porous and will not stop any such thing from getting through.

Just how do I prefer it?

Very Carefully take away the dam through the packet, making certain you never harm it with razor- sharp finger nails or precious precious jewelry. Always check it for holes and perforations. You might rinse down any powder. Damp the vagina or anus area with a water-based lube (oil-based lubes can harm the dam). Spot the dam within the anus or vagina, and hold it in place whilst you lick. You must never make use of a dam over and over again, plus don’t share them. In the event that you get from rimming to reverse dental, make use of a unique one. Make sure to only ever lick one part of this dam – do not lick the relative part that’s been in touch with the vagina or anal area. Wrap the used dam and place it within the container – do not flush it down the lavatory.

Exactly what are the benefits?

Dams reduce steadily the odds of getting STIs by acting being a barrier that germs and viruses cannot go through. It is specially essential for rimming, as shit posesses true wide range of nasty things (such as for instance Hepatitis A) that you do not would like to get in the mouth area.

Can there be a down side to this?

Not necessarily. Utilized precisely, dams are safe and effective. The sole down side to this is the cost and trouble in searching for purpose-made dams, however they are super easy to help make your self from condoms, femidoms, latex gloves plus some types of cling movie – see above.

Can they are used by me after and during maternity?

Diaphragm and caps

What could it be?

Diaphragms and caps are tiny domes manufactured from silicon or latex that fit in the vagina and stop semen from engaging in your womb. They have to be utilized with spermicide to work as contraception, which holds major risks for intercourse workers – see below. That it heightens your risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome although they have been used to prevent blood leaking while having sex during your period, this might be dangerous, as there is some evidence. Diaphragms are 92-96% effective as contraception if properly fitted and used, however they may be fiddly – some scholarly studies also show that between 10-39% of women whom utilize diaphragms conceive.

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